PSi#21 Fluid States - India: Rethinking Labor and the Creative Economy - Global Performance Perspectives, Photos of Participants

Photgraphs from "Rethinking Labor and the Creative Economy: Global Performative Perspectives", Friday 27th February – Sunday 1st March 2015

How ‘fluid’ are the conditions of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and destitution across the world today?  ... this was the topic of India's contribution to the global conferencing during PSi#21 Fluid States, curated by Rustom Bharucha, and these images were captured by Shilpi Gulati during the event.

A full description of the conference program's themes, motivations and interrogations is available here

A fuller program, presenter bios, provocations and correspondence is starting to come on line here

Poornima Sardana, caught in a moment of intense listening

Elisa Bertuzzo, animating discussion in an interactive session

Sadanand Menon and Dia Da Costa

Shannon Steen, making a point; Soumybrata Choudhury, on the left

Sundar Sarukkai in his element

Rustom Bharucha, conference director

Oliver Kontny in dialogue

Sadanand Menon, Susan Foster and Rose Merin

John Malpede of the Los Angeles Poverty Department

the stage is set for the conference to begin

Marin Blazevic, listening to the ‘vessel’ being read out in opening session

Rustom Bharucha, Maaike Bleeker, Marin Blazevic in plenary session

Susan Foster and Gabriele Klein, with their laptops

audience member raising a question

Gopal Guru, demonstrating how an animal is skinned

Susan Foster, giving her keynote

Ray Langenbach and Paul Rae in session on performance artist Tehching Tsieh

Jon McKenzie in discussion, Marin Blazevic on the left

Rustom Bharucha in intervention on brooms in the political domain

Maaike Bleeker lecturing on Rimini Protokoll

(Images: Shilpi Gulati)







Tags: Class Labor Economy and Performance  Community and Performance  Daily Life Daily Rituals and Performance   Performance Studies in Asia  Performance Studies in Languages Other Than English  

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