PSi#21 Fluid States - Bahamas: Deep Anatomy, Photos of and from Participants

The PSi #21 Fluid States event in the Bahamas uses the unique geography of the Bahamas and the Vertical Blue  free-diving championship (‘the Wimbledon of Free-diving’, NY Times) as a site for provocative intersections between the local community, athletes, and performance studies academics. The programme and curation of the event examines performance and free-diving both as integrated processes: where action and intellect combine, and a ‘deep anatomy’ occurs. This key theme applies Richard Sennet’s discussions on craft to the work of the athlete and the performance artist, where a physical act or process is invested with deep ethical values through material consciousness and care-full action..

A full description of the conference program's themes, motivations and interrogations is available here

A fuller program, presenter bios, provocations and correspondence is starting to come on line here

Photo: Amelia Taverner, see more at Fluid States TV at

Photo: Amelia Taverner, see more at Fluid States TV at

Tags: Environment Ecology and Performance  Identities Bodies Corporealities in Performance   Performance Studies in the Americas   Phenomenology and Performance  Space Place and Performance   

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