PSi#21 Fluid States - Bahamas: Deep Anatomy, Malou Strandvad Free Diver Questionnaire

Sara Malou Strandvad's research deploys a questionnaire that any free diver is welcome to fill in and send to her email address: Sara Malou Strandvad <>
"Experiencing ourselves in water, through free-diving, reconfigures our understandings of what we are capable of. Relaxing to perform under water reveals that body and mind cannot be separated, and that our bodily performances become reconfigured by the water; in some way this natural element ‘performs’ us and thus becomes a non-human actor. The project Performing Water is a site-specific sociological study that aims to trace emotions, sensations, and experiences of being underwater. The findings will be presented as a lecture performance at the Deep Anatomy Symposium.
The study has begun in cold Danish winter with a literature review and an auto-ethnography of introductory free-diving. Based on these theoretical and empirical inspirations, a number of hypotheses about the attractions of free-diving are established and will be tested at Long Island. To do so, interviews will be carried out with athletes and others interested in free-diving during Vertical Blue and the Deep Anatomy incursions. Based on this collection of stories of being under water, Strandvad will give a presentation at the Deep Anatomy Symposium delivering her ‘preliminary results’; bringing together her theoretical inspirations and empirical material to produce a ‘polyvocal’ sociology of free-diving".


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