PSi #21 Fluid States - Fluid States North in Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Island, 'Reflections on Connections & Disconnections from Nuuk' from Sisters Academy Photographer & Videographer Diana Lindhardt

Reflections from Sisters Academic in Nuuk, Greenland, during Fluid States North

By Diana Lindhardt, Photographer & Videographer

Today we’ve had the day of connecting and disconnecting. 

Our reflection is different modes of presence and how they can interconnect and how they challenge and support each other. We are longing for presence and intimacy with the two other platforms in Torshavn and Copenhagen, while immersing into our new community of sensuous explorations between visitings from all over the world and schoolchild ring of the local Aturfiak Hans Lynge School and our general public in here at Nuuk Art Museum. We are reflecting on how we can stimulate all the different layers of presence and set forth to intensify them all during the next tree days in our laboratory in-between.

For video footage, visit and and and

Tags: Community and Performance  Daily Life Daily Rituals and Performance   Media Technology and Performance  Performance Studies in Europe  Performance Studies in Languages Other Than English  

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