PSi #21 Fluid States - Fluid States North in Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Island, 'Music4Giants,' text and photos from Denmark presenter Madeleine Kate McGowan

Music4Giants, by Heaven

by Madeleine Kate McGowan

As artists we are a part of the Fluid States North. We have been researching sound and scale through the immersive performance music4giants since Tuesday, and it is very strong. Tonight we welcomed many of the participants of Fluid Sounds Fluid States, into our installation.



Through 40 hours, or 144,000 seconds, it's a question of scale, the immersive performance-installation music4giants takes place in an ancient fortress on Refshaleøen, in Copenhagen, Denmark, from the 16th-20th of June. 
A composition is spread in space and time, and shapes the structure of the installation. When guests arrive, they are told, that "the composition is not for you or us, it's for the giants". The composition is a measurement of time, and as a participant you will only experience 1/40 of the sound. No human being will be able to hear the full sound composition, as the sound elements are stretched from each other and scattered in space. It is a journey through the non-spectacular, yet a desire to connect to something larger than human. It is a celebration of the non-human. A destabilisation of the anthropocentric delirium of culture. 
The question which forms the basis for the performance, is whether it is possible for humans to create something which doesn't hold humans as recipients. Is it possible to create art for plants or objects? 
The performance is created by HEAVEN which is a performance company, which researches themes such as intimacy, longing, transcendence and artificiality, through immersive performance installations. music4giants exists in the intersection between sound-art, choreography, performance, art-based research and installation.
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