PSi #21 Fluid States - Fluid States Rarotonga, photos from Rarotonga Correspondent Dorita Hannah

As a liquid continent, Oceania images itself through the ocean, te Moana-­‐Nui-­‐a-­‐Kiwa: a connective space of currents, vortices, drifts, suspensions, sediments, tides, foams and flows that resists fixity, performing in-­‐flux. A collection of island nations, Oceania is particularly sensitive to the effects of anthropogenic and highly politicized climate change: the sea warms, acidifies and plasticizes with levels rising and storm energies intensifying to threaten ecologies and economies –social, political and architectural structures – as well as geographical limits. Yet there is a sea-­‐ change afoot as communities affirm their place in the ecosystem of the planet and adopt ecologically sensitive materials, practices, systems and infra-­‐structures... so our contemporary cultures shift. 

Full pdf available HERE.

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